Pink Grapefruit Back Facial

Skincare for the back, this pampering treatment includes exfoliating, clarifying and hydrating the skin using pink grapefruit and a massage/exfoliating machine for the reduction of clogged pores, balance of pH and extra relaxation.


PCA Oxygen Peel

Helps rejuvenate winter skin, hydration, moisture, lightens pigmentation with a relaxing facial massage. Choose light, medium or or heavy peeling based on skin needs/type.


HCG Diet

Are you one of the many that struggle with losing weight and have made this your New Year's Resolution? This year, fulfill you resolution and ont' let anothe ryear pass you by. This program includes everything for your success, HCG injections, B-12 injections, program guide and cookbook. This will be the one deit that won't fail you.


Eclipse Tattoo Removal Micro Pen

Removes all colors safe and effectively in 3-5 treatments or less!

$200 a session

Prices may vary depending on size.